About Us

Our goal is to let Americans know that there is a plan to bring our jobs
back. The plan requires that we act in unison as we join together to bring
prosperity back to America.

We need to educate those who have been convinced by the mainstream
media that we must accept our fate of competing in a global economy. A
fate which will lower our standard of living as we compete with workers in
third world countries.

We are a grassroots effort to contact the majority of Americans who
support our goals. Since our political leaders refuse to do anything to stop
this destruction of our economy, we, the American people, will have to save
our way of life. We are independent, and not a part of any other group or

Our director of operations is Frank Mitchell. He has a BA degree in
Economics, and a diverse business background, including real estate and
the retail industry, which has allowed him to observe the decline of our
economy from several perspectives. He is married, has three children and a
granddaughter who is two years old.

Frank is deeply concerned about the future of America, and decided to do
something about it. He analyzed the problem, and determined that forcing
American workers to compete with workers in low-wage third-world
countries was destroying our economy. He found several good sources for
information about the decline of our economy, and also the “call your
congressperson” or “sign the petition” type of web sites, but he felt that
something was lacking.

Although some of these organizations and sites seemed to understand the
problem with our jobs going to China and elsewhere, Frank was of the
opinion that they were not as effective as a massive unified effort could be.
It is easy for a politician to ignore a few letters or phone calls a week, but
it is difficult to ignore millions of united voters.

This is the key difference between JobsBack.com and others with similar
goals. We think it is much more effective to contact other people, instead
of contacting our politicians, as our primary action at this time.
Coordinated effort is much more effective than random acts by individuals.

The purpose of JobsBack.com is to educate the people about what is
happening to our economy, and what we can do about it in a unified effort.
The politicians have been able to keep us divided over social issues, while
ignoring our economic decline. And as long as we are divided, we are
unable to resist the plundering of our economy.

Whether you are liberal, conservative, moderate, libertarian, or
independent, we need you.

Overview of Why We are Doing This

We care about the future of America, and especially the people who are
unable to find a good job. Our economy continues to struggle. It is
unable to provide jobs for millions of unemployed American workers.

Millions of our workers have had their lives devastated by the loss of jobs.

The American workers have been betrayed by both the Democrat and
Republican politicians.

These job losses have been caused by ill-conceived trade laws, treaties,
and policies passed by members of Congress and signed into law by the
Presidents of this country during the past 30 years.

It is obvious that our politicians are either ignorant, corrupt, blinded by the
false religion of Free Trade, or they don’t care enough about the American

Or, perhaps, our politicians just lack the will-power needed to do the right
thing to provide well-paying jobs for our workers.

Regardless of the reasons for our politicians acting in such a destructive
manner, they are doing nothing to stop the outflow of jobs to low-wage
third-world countries like China and India.

Neither are they doing anything to stop the influx of third-world workers
into our country, which also cause many American workers to lose their

Therefore, having no alternative, we have decided to directly reach out to
the tens of millions of Americans who care about the future of our country.
We will provide a way for the American people to speak in a single voice.
With a unified voice, we will shout so loudly that our politicians will hear us.

But, there is still some doubt about whether our politicians will act any
differently, even if they do hear us. Presently, our politicians ignore the
pain and suffering of the millions of unemployed workers.

If they continue to ignore us, we will simply elect a new slate of leaders
who will comply with the will of the American people and bring all our
well-paying jobs back to this country.

We will not compromise, nor “water down” legislation needed to achieve
our goal of bringing all jobs back to America from third-world countries.

Also, we will prevent immigrant workers from taking jobs from American
workers, and driving down the wages of the jobs that remain in this

We absolutely have the “political will” that is needed to bring our
well-paying jobs back to this country. We will not back down. With your
support, these goals can be achieved.

If you would like to help us bring all jobs back to America, we have
provided a step-by-step guide for our supporters.

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