Stop H-1B and Work Visas!

We will stop all H-1B and other work visas.

It is amazing that our US government continues to issue thousands
of work visas, at the behest of US corporations, to foreign workers
each year.

These visas allow highly-trained foreign workers to legally enter our
country and work at a time that we have millions of unemployed
American workers looking for jobs.

And many of the unemployed Americans are technical workers, such
as computer programmers and engineers.

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The corporations, who sponsor H-1B visas for foreign workers, claim
that there is a shortage of American technical workers.

Supposedly, the corporations claim that they are unable to find
qualified American workers to do the job at a certain prevailing

H-1B visas often are issued to computer programmers, engineers,
doctors, and college teachers.

Many critics claim that the program allows US corporations to bring in
thousands of foreign technical workers each year in an effort to save
the corporation money.

By bringing in these thousands of technical workers each year,
corporations are able to depress wages paid to other technical
workers as well.

The more workers competing for a job tend to keep wages from
rising for the job, or maybe even drive the wages down.

If there really were a shortage of technical workers in the US, the
solution would be very simple:

Pay your technical workers more money.

In a country as large as the US, if the big corporations raised the
wages for their technical workers, then more US college students
would want to major in computer programming, engineering, etc.

In 4 or 5 years, these American technical students would graduate
and enter the work force.

But big corporations prefer to bring in foreign workers and keep
wages down. By keeping wages low and using foreign visa workers,
the big corporations can show bigger profits.

The big corporations and politicians are not very concerned about an
unemployed American technical worker, or whether a college student
in the US has a job available when he or she graduates.

If the corporations and politicians cared, they would shut down the
H-1B and other visa work programs immediately.

We care, and we will shut down all the visa work programs

If you would like to help us bring our jobs back to America, we have
provided a step-by-step guide for our supporters.

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