Stop Illegal Immigrants from Taking Our Jobs!

We will stop the millions of illegal immigrants from taking our jobs.
And without illegal workers, wages will also rise for millions of jobs.

We will force US businesses to stop hiring illegal workers. US
companies will have to pay higher wages to attract American
workers to do many of these jobs.

When the illegal workers leave, millions of jobs, at higher pay, will be
available for American workers.

The majority of the illegal immigrants came to our county to get jobs.
If businesses stop hiring the illegal workers, then most of them will
leave our country and go home.

Some illegal immigrants came to our country to pursue criminal
activities, besides falsifying Social Security numbers and work

These illegal immigrants who are prone to commit crimes will be
deported when they are apprehended.

Obviously, we will also seal our borders to protect our country from
illegal immigrants, illegal workers, illegal drugs, illegal contraband,
and potential terrorists.

If you would like to help us stop illegal immigrants from taking our
jobs, please go to our Plan’s step-by-step guide.

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