Stop Outsourcing!

We will stop all outsourcing of jobs to India and other foreign

Many US companies are firing American workers and sending their
jobs to India. Even as millions of American workers are unemployed,
US companies continue to send our jobs to India and elsewhere.

We will stop all outsourcing and return these jobs to American

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India has many educated English-speaking workers who will do office
jobs for a fraction of the cost of an American worker.

While millions of factory jobs have been sent to China, a large number
of office jobs are being sent to India.

Americans can readily tell that a product is made in China by merely
looking carefully at an item and seeing “Made in China” on the item.

But, other than speaking to an Indian worker at a call center in India,
it is difficult for American workers to realize how many office jobs have
been outsourced to India.

Jobs being done in India for US companies are diverse and varied.
Actually, most jobs that can be done with a computer are at risk to
being outsourced to India.

Examples of jobs that have been outsourced to India are researching
and editing books for US publishers, computer software programming,
legal work, financial and stock analysis, medical transcription, medical
diagnoses, tax preparation, designing ads for newspapers, and many

We will absolutely stop all outsourcing to India and other foreign
countries, and bring those jobs back to America.

If companies want to sell their products and services in the US
market, then they will have to hire American workers to do the work.

Stopping outsourcing is easy, simple, and the right thing to do.

If you would like to help us bring our jobs back to America, we have
provided a step-by-step guide for our supporters

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