FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions)

(We Answer the Tough Questions)

How will we bring our jobs back from China?

Will the “green jobs” that some politicians talk about create a lot of new jobs?

Why is “Free Trade” bad for the US economy? How does it cause jobs to be lost in the US?

Will our US government do anything to help our factories re-locate from China back to the US?

Is stopping imports “Protectionism?”

Without cheap imports, won’t goods cost more in the stores?

Did the Democrats or Republicans cause our jobs to move to China?

Did the Democrats or Republicans allow our country to be flooded with millions of illegal workers?

Biggest Wealth Transfer in the History of the World

Why do many economists say that Free Trade is good for us?

Is it racist to keep illegal immigrants from working in the US?

Will “stimulus spending” by the government create a lot of new jobs?

Will reducing taxes create a lot of new jobs?

Will “leveling the playing field” in these third world countries create more jobs in our country?

Did the Smoot-Hawley tariff act cause the Great Depression of the 1930’s?

Can we re-train for “service jobs,” if all our manufacturing jobs are shipped to China?

Do illegal immigrants take jobs from American workers?

Do illegal immigrants work at jobs that Americans don’t want?

Would food prices, like lettuce, be affordable without the cheap illegal immigrant labor?

How will we get the illegal immigrants to stop working and leave our country?

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