Can we re-train for “service jobs” if all our manufacturing jobs are shipped to China?

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Can we re-train for “service jobs” if all our
manufacturing jobs are shipped to China?

No, the US economy cannot function as an “all service” economy.

The idea that we, the American workers, can all be prosperous
working in service jobs defies logic and common sense, something
that our politicians are severely lacking.

While many of these jobs, such as teachers or doctors, may be
desirable, or even necessary, they do not produce the goods that
people buy in the stores.

This is the question that needs to be asked:

“If we all become service workers, like nurses, retail clerks, and
restaurant workers, who is going to make the stuff that we buy in

If we let the Chinese make our stuff, how are we going to pay for
it? We have been borrowing money to pay for our imported goods,
but obviously this can’t continue indefinitely.

Actually, the service workers do not even produce the tools that
they use in their own service jobs.

Where do the chairs, light fixtures, tables, phones, uniforms, blood
pressure monitors, thermometers, and computers used in a doctors
office come from?

Where are the stoves, grills, refrigerators, freezers, knives, tables,
pots, and pans used by the food service workers going to come

Who is going to manufacture the cars, buses, subway cars, trains,
or even bicycles used by service workers to commute to work?

The same is true for the other service professions as well. All
service workers are dependent upon manufactured products in
order to perform their jobs.

And of course, these service jobs are not going to produce the
goods that we buy in stores, like TVs, clothes, and cell phones.

A strong manufacturing sector is absolutely necessary for a large
economy to prosper. We must bring our factories and jobs back
from China and other third-world countries.

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