Choice 2: Our New Economic Boom

Under our plan, we will stop all imports of manufactured goods.

Millions of well-paying factory jobs will return to the United States as tens
of thousands of factories return from China and other foreign countries.

There will be millions of jobs available in the construction industry as we
build new factories and re-open old factories.

Millions of other jobs will be opened to Americans as the illegal immigrant
workers leave our country and go home.

Many of these jobs presently held by illegal immigrants will have to pay
much more than they presently pay to attract American workers.

No longer will foreign workers drive down wages in our country.

New office jobs will return to America as all the jobs outsourced to India
and elsewhere come back to our country.

New factories and re-opened factories will begin hiring workers all across
our great country.

The “rust belt” will once again become our industrial heartland as we
return our steel industry, tire industry, and auto industry to our country.

Millions of jobs in other industries, such as the electronics, ship-building,
consumer products, etc. will return to all parts of the United States.

We will return our computer jobs and engineering jobs back from India
and elsewhere. Also, tens of thousands of computer and technical jobs
will be available to American workers as we stop allowing foreign H-1B
workers to take our jobs.

The closed textile mills will reopen and will once again begin hiring tens of
thousands of American workers.

Everything, from shoes to electric power generators, will once again be
made in our great country. Solar cells and wind turbines will be made in
the US by American workers, not in China.

Our economy and the American workers will enter a new Golden Age of
sustained economic growth. With more money in their pockets, American
workers will be able to buy more goods and services.

Single moms will be able to afford better child care when they are making
$20 per hour, than when they are making $7 per hour.

The thousands of factories brought back from China will pay taxes in the
United States, not in China. The tax money will be spent in the United
States instead of China.

Instead of building new roads, schools, and infrastructure in China, they
will be built in our country.

Schools, police departments, fire departments, and other governmental
units will see their budgets increase, instead of decreasing.

With the new factories paying property taxes, residential property taxes
should come down in many areas, or at least not increase.

Social Security will also be much stronger after we bring our factories and
jobs back from China.

With many workers earning $20-40 per hour instead of $7-12 per hour,
much more money will be going into the Social Security Trust Fund,
shoring it up for the future.

And with workers earning good salaries, many will be less inclined to take
early retirement and begin drawing Social Security at age 62.

There will be more money for health care for the American people.

Many other benefits, too numerous to name here, will accrue to the
American workers, the American people, and the American economy.

Newspapers will be filled with stories about the Great Boom, instead of
the Great Recession.

But we need to move quickly. If big corporations know that we are
serious about stopping imports, they will stop moving factories to China.

And politicians will think twice before passing some sort of amnesty for
millions of illegals workers, if they know we are organized and serious
about stopping illegal immigrants from taking our jobs.

We need to let the American people know that we are serious about
bringing our jobs back to America. You do not have to answer all the
questions that friends may ask you about our Plan to bring our jobs back.

That is what our site is for, to provide the detailed answers to questions
about our Plan. Just send them to our site, and we will answer their

If you would like to help us bring all jobs back to America, please go to our
Plan. We have provided a step-by-step guide for our supporters.

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