Will goods cost more in stores?

(FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions)

Without cheap imports, won’t goods cost more
in the stores?

Yes, the sticker-prices will be higher for many
items in stores. But, incomes will also rise
because of an economic boom.

When we bring our factories back from China,
along with those higher sticker-prices, there will
be a huge sustained economic boom for the
American economy.

With thousands of factories returning from China
and other countries, there will be a great demand
for American workers.

Wages will go up for many workers, as companies
will have to pay more to compete for the available

Many companies will have to pay their present
workers more to prevent them from going to work
in the new factories.

With much more money in their pockets, American
workers will be able to pay more for goods for
sale in the stores.

Single moms will be able to afford better child
care when they are making $20 per hour, than
when they are making $8 per hour.

The thousands or factories will pay huge amounts
of taxes in the United States, NOT in China.

The tax money will be spent in the United States
instead of China.

Instead of building new roads, schools, and
infrastructure in China, they will be built in our

Schools, police departments, fire departments,
and other governmental units will see their
budgets increase, instead of decreasing.

With the new factories paying property taxes,
residential property taxes should come down in
many areas, or at least not increase.

With many workers earning $20-40 per hour
instead of $8-12 per hour, much more money will
be going into the Social Security Trust Fund,
shoring it up for the future.

And with workers earning good salaries, many will
be less inclined to take early retirement and begin
drawing Social Security at age 62.

Social Security will be much stronger after we
bring our factories and jobs back from China.

There will be more money for health care for the
American people.

Many other benefits, too numerous to name here,
will accrue to the American workers, the American
people, and the American economy.

So, yes, there will be higher sticker-prices. Similar
to taking medicine when your are sick. There is
no other way to cure our sick economy. We must
bring our factories back.

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