Will “green jobs” create a lot of new jobs?

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Will the “green jobs” that politicians talk about create a lot of
new jobs?

No, very few “green jobs” will be created in the US by making wind
turbines, solar cells, batteries, etc.

The same economic factors, such as cheap labor, which caused our
textile factories, steel mills, electronics factories, etc. to move to
countries like China, will also cause our “green jobs” to move to
low-wage foreign countries.

A few small companies may manufacture “green items” in this country on
a small scale, especially if they get government subsidies. But large-scale
manufacturing of wind turbines, solar cells, etc. is going
to be done in China, unless we stop imports.

So, beware when you hear politicians talking about “green jobs”
providing thousands of new jobs for our economy. The politicians have no
intention of stopping imports from China, and the thousands of “green jobs”
are going to China.

Once we stop the imports from coming into our country, then there could
be many thousands of “green jobs” available for American workers.

But we must stop imports first.

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