I Have a Good Job, Why Should I Care?

Even if you still have a great job, it will be very difficult to avoid the
effects of the changes taking place in our economy. The massive job
losses and resulting recession are beginning to have far-reaching effects
in our economy.

The loss of millions of jobs in our country has devastated the lives of
millions workers and their families.

Even if you still have your job, it may be at risk, as our economy
continues to struggle despite the stimulus spending and huge
federal deficits.

Budget cuts are being felt by many state and local governments as
tax receipts are dropping because of the recession.

Local governments are also being burdened by the increased social
spending caused by the influx of illegal immigrants into our country.

Many private companies are laying off workers and increasing the
work-load of the other remaining workers in an effort to save money.

Many college graduates are unable to find a well-paying job. Many
are unable to find any jobs.

Also, many workers are having the number of hours worked per
week cut back. Others are being denied expected salary increases
because of the recession.

Our politicians and big corporations don’t seem to understand that
the destruction of American manufacturing jobs is sucking the life out
of our once-strong economy.

It is impossible for a country as large as the US to have a
prosperous economy with everyone working in a “service” job. (For
more info about the fallacy of the Service Economy, please read our

Very few Americans will not be affected by a declining economy that
is unable to provide jobs for millions of American workers.

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