Is stopping imports “Protectionism”?

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Is stopping imports “Protectionism”?

Yes, absolutely. We have no other choice. This is the only way that we
can “protect” the American worker from the onslaught of cheap imported

“Protectionism” is when a country takes certain measures to protect
their workers from imports. Essentially, “protectionism” is the opposite
of Free Trade.

The “protectionist” measures or laws usually consists of taxes (tariffs) on
imported goods or limits on the quantity (quotas) of imported goods.

Politicians and big corporations have worked very hard to convince the
American people that Free Trade is good. They have worked almost as
hard trying to convince us that “protectionism” is bad.

Free Trade is good for greedy corporations who don’t care about the
American workers.

Corporations can make huge profits by using Free Trade as a means to
move factories to China, hire cheap foreign workers, and bring all the
imports back into the US.

By using protectionist measures, such as stopping imports of
manufactured goods, corporations will have to hire American workers.

The corporations will have to pay more for labor using American
workers, and their huge profits will fall. This is why greedy corporations
don’t like protectionism.

Corporate officers may not get multi-million dollar bonuses based on
huge profits.

Essentially, with protectionist policies, the corporations will be sharing
profits with their American workers by paying salaries that will allow the
American workers to be solid members of the economic middle class.

And in the long run, the corporations will also be better off. Well-paid
American workers will have more money to purchase consumer goods,
such as houses, cars, boats, etc,

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