It’s About Our Jobs

The purpose of our website is to bring all jobs back to America. That
is why we chose the domain name of for our website.

There are several billion workers in the world who would love to
have an American worker’s job. These foreign workers are willing to
work for far less than American workers are paid. Many of these
foreign workers live in third-world countries, and are paid as little as
twenty cents per hour.

And our politicians have allowed the big corporations to use these
cheap foreign workers instead of American workers.

There are two ways that corporations can use cheap third-world
workers instead of American workers.

First, the big corporations carry the jobs to the foreign counties,
This is done by moving factories to countries such as China and
hiring Chinese workers. Also, the job can be moved to a foreign
country by setting up an office in India and hiring Indian workers.

Since many educated workers in India can speak and read English, it
is not difficult for American corporations to find Indians willing to do
the work for a fraction of the cost of an American worker.

The second way corporations can hire foreign workers is for the
politicians to allow the cheap foreign workers to come into the US to
do the jobs.

This is done by allowing the inflow of millions of illegal immigrants
into our country to provide cheap labor for businesses.

Also, corporations can bring highly skilled workers from foreign
countries legally into our country by using the H-1B and other guest
worker visa programs.

These illegal immigrants and legal visa workers are willing to work
for less than what a corporation would have to pay to hire an
America worker to do the same job.

The result is that American workers lose jobs to foreign workers.
But the American corporations can make huge profits by using these
cheap foreign workers.

And for some reason, our politicians seem to think that this is a
great thing.

Well, we know it is wrong to give American jobs to cheap foreign
labor, regardless of the method used.

Whether it’s moving the jobs to the foreign countries, or bringing the
foreign workers into our country, it is wrong to take an American
workers job.

And we need your support to help us stop it!

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