It’s Now or Never!

It will soon be too late to reverse our slide towards third-world status.

Time is not on our side. We need to act quickly to bring our jobs and
factories back from China and other third-world countries.

We also need to send the illegal immigrant workers back home before
they are granted amnesty by the politicians seeking permanent cheap
labor for the business interests.

Our country is rapidly losing its support structure for many industries
that have moved away from the US.

Experienced and skilled personnel, who once operated the greatest
industrial power in the world when the US was at its manufacturing
peak, have been fired or retired as our various industries moved

And they are not being replaced by younger workers. This is an ongoing
process, and as each day passes, it will become more difficult to bring
our factories back.

And if our politicians grant amnesty and voting rights to what we
estimate to be about 30 million illegal immigrants presently in our
country, then our politicians will be even more inclined to allow more
foreign workers into our country.

If we can’t garner enough votes to keep illegal immigrants and foreign
visa workers from working in our country now, it is highly unlikely we will
be able to when upwards of 30 million illegal immigrants are granted
amnesty and voting rights.

These new amnesty voters will want their foreign relatives to join them
in America. More foreign workers will take even more jobs from
American workers as our politicians pander to this new voting block.

And wages will be driven down even more. This is just what the big
corporations want: cheaper labor.

Many of our big corporations are presently flush with cash from the huge
profits that they have made by selling cheap imported goods to the
American public.

The corporations don’t realize that by moving the factories to China they
are “killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.” As more Americans
become impoverished, there will be less profits to be made from selling
their cheap goods. And the corporate cash will decrease.

But this huge horde of corporate cash presently available could be used
to build thousands of new factories in the US, creating jobs for millions
of American workers.

And interest rates are presently at very low levels, which would be ideal
for loans to corporations to build new factories.

We still have time to achieve our goal of bringing well-paying jobs back
to America for American workers.

But we must move quickly to mobilize the majority, which agrees with
our goals. If we don’t soon bring our jobs back, we will never be able to
do it.

If you would like to help us bring our jobs back to America, please go to
our Plan. We have provided a step-by-step guide for our supporters.

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