Stop Imports

We will stop all imports of manufactured goods.

We also will stop all imports of agricultural products into our country,
excluding items such as coffee, bananas, etc., which do not normally grow
well here. We will also stop the imports of fish and seafood from foreign

We will require corporations to sell only goods made by American
workers in US factories, or products grown by American farmers, or
seafood harvested by American fishing boats.

We will bring our jobs back from China, India, and other countries in
the world.

Millions of American workers will be hired to work in the new US
factories producing products for the American market, the largest in
the world.

This will cause a tremendous economic boom as tens of thousands
of factories are opened in the US to produce goods for the American

The money earned by American workers in the well-paying factory
jobs will be re-circulated throughout the US economy, creating
sustained prosperity.

More Details

Tens of millions of American factory jobs have been lost to low-wage
countries like China, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Mexico, etc.

Our politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, have passed trade
laws which allow cheap imports to flood into our country.

This forces American workers to compete with foreign workers
making as little as $60-100 per month.

American workers can not even survive on such a small wage, much
less aspire to a middle-class lifestyle.

The big US corporations have abandoned the American workers and
moved factories to China and elsewhere to take advantage of the
cheap labor.

We will stop this destruction of the American economy by the big
corporations and their political lackeys. To provide well-paying jobs
for American workers, we will essentially stop all imports.

Raw materials will still be allowed to be imported, which will be used
by American workers to produce finished products.

But, we will stop all imports of manufactured items into the United States.

If a corporation wants to sell a product in the American market, the
product will have to be made or grown in this country.

This is the only way to save what is left of the American economy.
We will become a third-world country if we continue the
de-industrialization of our country.

No longer will we use such shameful terms as “Rust Belt” to describe
what was once our proud industrial heartland. We will bring industrial
jobs back.

Thousands of factories will be re-opened or built to provide items for
sale to the American market.

This is not complicated. Well-paying jobs in factories created a
strong middle class during the 1950’s and 1960’s. It has been
proven to work.

If you would like to help us bring our jobs back to America, we have
provided a step-by-step guide for our supporters.

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