The Global Economy is a Choice!

Our politicians have chosen to send the jobs of
American workers to third world countries.

By voting for trade laws which opened the doors
for imports to flood our country, the politicians
chose to destroy millions of American jobs.

Then they cover up their shameful acts by
claiming that by allowing imports from third world
countries, we are only participating in the new
Global Economy.

By telling us that the Global Economy is
inevitable, the Globalists hope we will not resist
their efforts to move our factories and jobs to
China, India, and other third world countries.

This is the same tactic used by any group who
wishes to impose their will upon others.

It was used by slave masters to keep slaves
from rebelling. It is used by any oppressive
government to keep its citizens from resisting.

If the big corporations and politicians can
convince us that the Global Economy is
inevitable, then we will accept their lies willingly.

They want us to believe that there is nothing
that we can do but to accept our fate. And our
fate is competing with foreign workers making as
little as $60 per month in third world countries.

But the big corporations and their political
supporters are wrong. We do not accept the
loss of jobs overseas as inevitable.

We choose to return American jobs by restricting
imports and stopping outsourcing.

As we stated elsewhere, the solution is not
difficult. It only requires political will to do the
right thing. We will pass laws which restrict

The corporations will return factories to the
United States so they can sell to the US domestic

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