We Must Join Together to Win

We must join together if we are to stop our loss of jobs. It is time for us
to work towards our common goal of bringing our jobs back to America.

Whether we are Democrats, Republicans, or independents, we must put
our differences aside and defeat the forces which are intent upon
destroying our jobs and reducing America to Third World status.

We need liberals, conservatives, moderates, and independents to unite
together to bring our jobs back.

The big corporations and their political lackeys will continue to pillage the
American economy unless we stand together and demand that our plan to
bring our jobs back is implemented. They want to keep us divided and

Our votes will bring the jobs back to America. Together we can stop this
downward spiral that country is presently in.

Sure, our supporters in Oregon may have different ideas on the various
social issues than our supporters in Georgia or Vermont. But, we will not
allow these differences of opinions about social issues facing our country
keep us from uniting to bring our jobs back to America.

We all want a prosperous economy with a good job paying a living wage.
We will not settle for some “feel good” legislation which has been
watered down. No, it is too late for compromise measures.

Not only are we going to stop all future job loss, we are going to bring
back the jobs and factories which left America during the last 40 years.
Our goal is that no worker will be sacrificed on the alter of Free Trade. We
intend to bring all jobs back.

We believe that every man or woman who gets up every day and goes to
work for eight hours should earn a wage which allows them to live a
middle-class existence.

And the goal of our plan is to create a new golden age for America. Click
here for more info about our New Boom.

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