China Is Relieved Over Romney  

November 12, 2012

For the first time in a long time, a candidate was willing to point to the tip of the free trade iceberg during a campaign. Unfortunately, that candidate, Mitt Romney, lost the Presidential election.

Not only that, but we are far beyond the iceberg to the point of an already sinking Titanic. For the past 40 years Congress and Presidents alike have more or less re-arranged the deck chairs as we slowly sink. So it was a refreshing change to hear Mitt Romney talk, even a tiny bit, about China during the Republican primary and again on the Presidential campaign trail.

Now with Obama back in the White House, China is breathing a sigh of relief according to CNN. How many more years of decline and debt can our country handle?

For a long time we have stayed afloat on our savings, but it has been depleted as seen below.

We need candidates to sound the alarm and let everyone know how bad things already are! This “Great Recession” is bad, but things have been going downhill for decades. Is there going to be a candidate with the courage to tackle this problem that is eating away at our country?

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