Could we afford to buy food, without cheap illegal labor?

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Would food prices, like lettuce, be affordable without the
cheap illegal immigrant labor?

Yes. With higher wages being paid to American workers, the workers
will have more money to spend.

This means that, although the “sticker-prices” may rise for some food
items, such as lettuce, they would still be affordable.

Our economy would also prosper by not having to pay the “hidden
costs” associated with the present cheap illegal immigrant labor.

It was shown in a study released by the Federation for American
Immigration Reform that illegal immigrants and their American-born
children cost the American taxpayers about $113 billion each year.

Even if the estimated $13 billion paid in taxes by illegal immigrants is
deducted from the $113 billion cost to taxpayers, illegal immigrants still
have an estimated net cost of $100 billion yearly to American taxpayers.

This hidden cost of illegal immigrants for things like education, health
care, law enforcement, and public assistance is not presently shown in
the price of a head of lettuce. But it is a hidden cost that is presently
being paid.

Also, we tend to think that the number of illegal immigrants is much
higher than the 13 million mentioned in the study. We estimate the
number of illegal immigrants to be about 30 million in this country.

If the number of illegal immigrants is closer to 30 million than the 13
million cited in the study, then the hidden costs would be much higher

So, with the increased real wages paid to American workers, and with
less taxes being spent on illegal immigrants, food items should be very
affordable in the stores.

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