Jobs 2013 Outlook  

May 26, 2013

It’s time for the outlook for Jobs 2013. Things are looking less bleak than last year. Unemployment in April 2013 stands at 7.5% compared with 8.1% last year in April. Interestingly the big news in Q1 2013 was that the US economy didn’t slow like it has for the last 3 springs in a row. We have to start somewhere. But wait…

Now let’s look at May. The first full week in May, new unemployment claims jumped 32,000 to 360,000. This is the largest jump since November. Then the following week claims declined 24,000. It seems to be a see-saw out there. Housing starts also decreased in April, which may indicate things aren’t as peachy as initially thought when analyzing the employment numbers for the first quarter of 2013.

As we drill into the positive looking numbers from above, we can see the transition to a “service economy” continues. The areas where the economy gained jobs in the first quarter were in professional and business services, food services and drinking places, retail trade, and health care. Manufacturing jobs levels remained unchanged.

Additionally, public sector jobs are dropping in 2013 due to the sequester that you’ve been hearing so much about. Even economists now believe that there is a strong headwind blowing into the face of the economy that will make recovery difficult.

2013 college graduates are expected to have an especially hard time finding a job. Despite some signs that businesses are hiring, they don’t appear to be hiring 2013 grads. A survey released by the National Association of Colleges reveals that Employers plan to hire 2.1% more 2013 college graduates than new college graduates hired last year.

Given the difficulty many Americans are having finding a job; our politicians still don’t get it! In the middle of the worst economic crisis we’ve had in decades they are just about to LEGALIZE giving away American jobs to illegal immigrants. Instead of companies breaking the law to hire these illegal workers for minimal pay, the same immigrant workers will be hired for the same jobs for the same pay. Only now it will all be LEGAL. With unemployment numbers as dismal as they are, it isn’t too hard to connect the dots. What do you think will happen to the US 2013 job market when 13 to 30 million workers (depending on who’s numbers you believe) are legalized?

Unfortunately, 2013 is seeing more and more small businesses outsourcing jobs overseas. Some businesses are reporting savings of 94% by going overseas! One company explained that to have a software project done locally would have cost $600,000. Instead they went to Romania and had the work done for $37,000. With economics like that at play, the 2013 job market in America will continue to flounder and may never recover to the days of “The Greatest Generation”.

As readers at are well aware the US desperately needs to bring our factories back from China and protect our jobs from illegal immigrants here at home. Let’s do what’s best for Americans and not the people have are breaking the law my coming over and taking our jobs.

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