More Spending on Infrastructure?  

January 22, 2011

Our current economic crisis is not caused by a lack of spending on infrastructure and education. We will not have a sustained economic expansion if we increase our spending on roads, bridges, education, etc. When the stimulus spending on infrastructure and education ends, the stimulus jobs will also end.

And the stimulus spending will surely end, since we cannot keep having $1.3 trillion annual deficits forever. Borrowing money to hire people is not a long term solution to our economic problems.

We need more real jobs, such as factory jobs, for American workers to travel to using the roads and bridges, not just better roads and bridges. And, of course, more tax cuts for corporations will not solve our economic problems either.

The real problem is that American workers cannot compete with third-world workers earning as little as $100 per month. Free trade and the global economy are destroying our economy.

We must stop our big corporations from bringing cheap imports into our country, and sending millions of our jobs overseas.

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