Our Plan, Stage One

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Our Plan to Bring Our Jobs Back To America

Stage One: One-to-One

(We contact others on a personal basis The majority agrees with our goals. We
just need to unify them.)

1. Bookmark or add our site as a Favorite.

A. We really need you! We don’t want you to “lose” our site. The web is a very
big place. Please check back with our site for updates.

2. We must be peaceful, non-violent, and respectful to others
in all our activities.

A. Do not use disparaging or offensive language when referring to workers in or
from foreign countries who have taken our jobs. Our big corporations and
politicians allowed them to take our jobs. We wish the foreign workers well as we
return our jobs back to American workers.

3. Contact those who already agree with us.

A. Let them know that now is the time to join together and begin getting our jobs

B. Send them to JobsBack.com, and we will answer all their questions about the

4. Contact friends and family about what needs to be done to
bring our jobs back to America.

A. Send them to our site, and we will educate them about what has happened to
our jobs.

B. We will also offer insights into why stimulus, tax cuts, etc. will not work.

C. We will answer their questions about why our Plan is the only solution to our
jobs and economic problems.

5. Be prepared to deal with some negative thinking from your

A. The big corporations and their political lackeys have been trying to convince
us that Free Trade is good for us. Some good people believe this. We will
teach them the truth about how Free Trade destroys our jobs.

B. The corporations have also tried to tell us that the Global Economy is
inevitable, and there is nothing that we can do. Some good people also believe
this. We will show them that the Global Economy is not inevitable.

C. This is why we try to offer solutions to all these obstacles that you may
encounter. On our web site, we answer the tough questions. Send your
contacts to us.

6. Be sure that those you contact actually make it to our site.
Follow-up is necessary.

A. People get busy and forget to do things.

B. Ask your contacts what they thought of our site and Plan.

C. We need feed-back to make sure our message is structured in a way to
reach the most people. Let us know if you encounter any negative feedback.

D. We must get positive results from our contacts, if we are going to increase
our support. We do not have a massive advertising budget, only word-of-mouth.

Overview | Stage One | Stage Two | Stage Three

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