Our Plan, Stage Two

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Our Plan to Bring Our Jobs Back To America

Stage Two: One-to-Many

(We reach out beyond our family and friends. We are still trying to reach the
majority which agrees with our goals.)

7. If you have a web site or blog, please put a link to our site.

8. Online Articles: Post comments in the “Comments” section
about online articles.

A. Look for online articles about jobs, free trade, imports from China,
unemployment, illegal immigrants, H-1B workers, work visas, outsourcing jobs to
India, and other topics about the economy. One way is to type these topics, one
topic at a time, into Google and find articles about the topics.

B. Post insightful thoughts. Our site provides a wealth of insights about these
topics, which should allow you to present our case for stopping Free Trade,
stopping illegal immigrants from taking our jobs, etc.

C. If allowed, mention our site at the end of your comment about an article. Do
NOT spam or post off-topic comments. Check other comments to see if any
sites or links are mentioned by others who have posted comments.

D. Abide by the rules of the site concerning the posting of comments. Some
sites do not allow the mention of other sites or links in the “comments” section. It
is better to have your comment posted with our reasons for opposing Free
Trade, etc, without our site mentioned, than to have your comment rejected
because it mentioned our site. Whether you can mention our site in the
comment, depends upon the site rules.

E. Always be polite, courteous, and thoughtful when posting comments. We
want to stay “on topic” and not be drawn into exchanging personal insults. Site
moderators are more likely to allow “on topic” comments to be posted.

9. Forums: Post comments to online forums.

A. Search for forums about economic topics such as jobs, imports from China,
illegal immigrants, H-1B workers, unemployment, free trade, work visas,
outsourcing jobs to India, etc.

B. We suggest the same guidelines listed above in 8. A, B, C, D, and E.

10. Write “Letters to the Editor” of newspapers and magazines,
presenting our solutions to the problems we face.

A. We suggest the same guidelines listed above in 8. A, B, C, D, and E.

B. Newspapers and news magazines are generally concerned with our current
high level of unemployment. We present a real solution to the lack of jobs in our

C. We also explain on our site why the popular “solutions” to our economic
distress, such as tax cuts, stimulus spending, etc. will not work. These insights
we offer on our site should provide good info for letters to the editor.

11. Mention our Plan to any groups, clubs, or organizations of
which you may be a member.

12. Mention our Plan on social networking sites that you use.

A. Mention our Plan on your Facebook page.

B. Mention our Plan on your MySpace page.

13. The first Six Steps listed in Stage 1 still apply while we
implement Stage 2 of our Plan.

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