Politicians are Clueless!  

October 22, 2010

After watching numerous TV commercials for the November 2 election, it’s obvious that our politicians are clueless when it comes to increasing jobs for American workers.

The politicians are advocating things like tax cuts and using stimulus funds to build infrastructure projects. At best, they are only temporarily treating the symptoms of our economic distress, while increasing our federal deficit.

Sure, some workers will receive much-needed jobs for the short term, but they will derive no long-term job security. The economy will not receive any lasting benefit from these measures, because the real cause of our high unemployment is not being addressed.

The real cause of our job loss and economic recession is the loss of
millions of manufacturing jobs as thousands of factories have moved to China and elsewhere.

Millions of jobs have also been taken by illegal immigrants who have flooded our country, destroying the job prospects for millions of American workers.

By working for extremely low wages, the illegal immigrant workers have also caused the wage-scale to decrease or stagnate for a large segment of our economy.

And our imports from China keep increasing, as demonstrated by our recent record-setting trade deficit with China in August

I have not heard a single election ad stating the real solution to our lack of jobs problem.

The real solution is for American workers to stop competing with
low-wage foreign workers for our jobs!

The only way to do this is to stop importing manufactured goods made with cheap foreign labor and stop hiring illegal immigrant workers.

There are probably at least two billion workers in third-world countries who would like to have a job presently held by an American worker.

Allowing these foreign workers to compete for American jobs will surely destroy our standard of living as our wages plummet and unemployment skyrockets. And our politicians do not realize this. Our politicians are clueless.

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