Romney “Not Concerned About the Very Poor”  

February 3, 2012

Mitt Romney, a Republican candidate for President, recently stated in a CNN interview:  “I’m not concerned about the very poor.”  Romney then added that “we have a safety net there.”  Does he think that a safety net replaces a well-paying job?  Why isn’t he concerned that our very poor don’t have decent jobs?

It is truly amazing that Romney would admit that he is “not concerned about the very poor.” Of course, it is obvious that our politicians don’t really care about the poor or middle class Americans. I suppose that our politicians are more inclined to appear to be concerned about the middle class, since that is where most of their votes come from.

By now, many of the poor know that they have no chance to ever get a decent job and join the middle class, so why bother to vote. They know that the “Mitt Romneys” of the world are not really concerned about them.

It does not even take a high school education to understand that closing a neighborhood factory leaves behind a wake of lost jobs and poverty. Do this a thousand times, and we are left with a declining economy being propped up by massive trillion dollar annual deficits.

But, our politicians either don’t understand this, or they just look the other way as the big corporations continue to send our factories to China, leaving behind millions of jobless American workers.

And if Romney thinks that our “safety net” for the poor is sufficient, he appears to be out of touch with the real world. Would he like to raise his children in a public housing project filled with the very poor, with no real prospects for a job in our downward spiraling economy?

Mr. Romney, our people are hurting, and desperately need well-paying jobs, not just safety nets. You should be concerned.

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