The Election Results  

November 3, 2010

I’ve been watching some of the election results. The economy is
not going to improve during the next two years, based on the
policies being promoted by the newly-elected politicians that I

I was hoping that I would hear at least one politician say that free
trade was destroying our economy, and we needed to protect
American workers from imports made in China. But, that’s not what
I heard.

The victorious politicians were pushing their plans to create jobs
and get our economy moving again. Watching all this was a really
miserable experience for me, knowing that things like balancing the
budget, cutting taxes, having a smaller government, etc. were not
going to reverse our economic decline and bring long-term
prosperity to our country.

Balancing the budget is a desirable goal, but it is not going to stop
big corporations from sending our factories and jobs to China. The
best way to balance the budget is to increase the tax base in our
country by bringing our factories and jobs back from China. With
millions of new well-paying jobs, we will have more taxes being
paid. It is much easier to balance the budget by a huge expansion
of our economy, than cutting benefits to the millions of Americans
who depend upon them for their livelihood.

And cutting taxes will do nothing to help secure our long-term
prosperity and lower unemployment. We had tax cuts, and our
economy ended up in a severe recession in 2008. The extra money
put into the economy by the tax cuts will be siphoned off and sent
to China to pay for imports. It will not be able to recirculate in our
economy, as intended.

And reducing the size of government will not stop our big
corporations from sending our factories and jobs to China. While
reducing some wasteful or inefficient government programs is a
desirable goal, it is not going to create jobs and get our economy
booming again.

Actually, strong governmental action, which is lacking at this time,
is all that the American people have to protect our jobs from the
big corporations who would like to slash their payroll costs by any
means possible, including giving our jobs to as many low-wage
workers in third world countries as they can.

No, our economic situation is not going to improve during the next
two years if we follow the economic policies of our newly-elected

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